Community Meat Co.


The Beef in the shares is supplied by Five Arrow Farms, a family owned farm located in Social Circle, GA. The Walstad & Bennett families have owned the farm since 2014 and are proud to have places a large portion of the property into conservation this year. They raise antibiotic- and hormone-free, all natural, grass fed & finished beef.

Our cows are birthed on farm and raised by their mothers, once weened the cows are fed nothing but good healthy grass. We often refer to ourselves as grass farmers as opposed to beef farmers because so much of what we do relies on the quality of forage for our cows. We use a "management intensive grazing" system which means the cows are in smaller paddocks and moved daily to insure fresh grass without over impacting the pasture. We believe this to be the best management practice for the animals and the pasture itself. 

Five Arrow Farms, Russell & Sarah Bennett, 429 Hamby Ln. Social Circle, GA 30025. (770) 231-9139. E-mail: