Community Meat Co.

A Sustainable Meat CSA

Who We Are

The Community Meat Co. is a Co-op of three farms in the Athens area. All focusing on raising the best quality, naturally raised meats on the market.

Anderson Farms supplies your share with pastured pork. Animal Welfare Approved

Little Flock supplies pastured poultry
supplemented with a certified Organic soy-free mix.

Five Arrow Farms supplies the completely grass-fed & finished beef. 

All farms are antibiotic and hormone free and are family owned and operated.


How We Got Here

We became interested in farming while working at Farm 255 in downtown Athens. Over the years our level of involvement with growing food has gradually progressed. From the days of volunteering once a month, to backyard layer hens, to a 9 month apprenticeship and now our own little operation. Farming has moved from the realm of hobby to lifestyle.

In our 9 months at WE Farm outside of Bloomington, IN we learned so much about animal husbandry and managing a small scale livestock farm but we also learned about what it really takes to live the lifestyle... early mornings, long days, and short nights. But you can't forget the best food, beautiful springs, sunny summers, and a sense of accomplishment when you finish the days work.

This is the lifestyle we want to live but we have to start small. So thanks to y'all for being a part of our first step on our path.

Community Meat Co.

We wanted to start this Co-op for a number of reasons. We wanted to be able to offer a full variety in the meat CSA but don't have the infrastructure to be producing our own pork and beef. This presented us with the opportunity to help out some other local farmers. With this model we are taking whole animals and dividing them for your shares. This way the farmer only has to deal with one sale and does not need to put their energy into marketing, just producing the best quality food. And for us, it allows us to start small. Instead of taking out loans to build up a farm we can start one year at a time. Building on each year until we reach our destination.

Our Goals

  • Build a community around local food and local farms.
  • Supply fresh, local, nutritious food to our community.
  • Support local farmers by buying whole animals & using every part.
  • Offer consumers a new appreciation for where their food comes from.
  • Create energy & excitement around cooking and eating.