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CSA Sessions

The sessions are in 3 month blocks: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. We will have sign-ups for each session starting the month before and will close the sign-up on the first of the month or when the session is full. Payment for each session is due in full by the 1st of the month.

Pick-ups will be once a month on the Normal Bar patio. All meat is delivered frozen and vacuum sealed. Please be sure to bring a cooler or insulated bag to take the meat home in. 

Please take a look at the share options on this page and decide what size is right for you or your family. Once you have decided, fill out the sign-up form and we will send a confirmation email along with an invoice and payment instructions. Please contact us with any questions and thanks supporting your local farmers!

july - sept Normal bar Session 2019

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Share Options


Grind & Sausage: 
3 lbs.

Birds & Braises: 
4 lbs.

1 qt.

7 lbs./Month
Total: 21 lbs.

Total: $150


Grind & Sausage: 
4-5 lbs.

Birds & Braises: 
5-6 lbs.

Steaks & Primes: 
1-2 lbs.

~12 lbs./Month
Total: 36 lbs.

Total: $300


Grind & Sausage:
6-8 lbs.

Birds & Braises:
9-11 lbs.

Steaks & Primes:
3 lbs.

~21 lbs./Month
Total: 63 lbs.

Total: $495

Grind & Sausage

This includes all the simple things. Ground beef, breakfast sausage, and fresh ground pork to try your hand at your own signature sausage blend.

Birds & Braise 

Whole birds to briskets and everything in between. Chuck roast, loin roasts, and the like. Great for the bigger meals and entertaining guests.

Steaks & Primes

Save these for special occasions or grill real-estate. T-bones, strips, filets, and chops. Variety of bone-in and bone-out prime cuts.


Frozen quarts of chicken, beef, or pork stock. Made with the bones from our animals and fresh veggies. Perfect start to any recipe.