Community Meat Co.

Anderson Farms

All of the pork in the shares is provided by Anderson Farms. Please click through to the website for more information if you're interested. 

Anderson Farms is 48 acres of oak- hickory woods and pasture dotted with pigs and hogs in Madison County, Georgia.

Benji Anderson started the farm 4 years ago gathering pigs from small herds around the southeast. The farm that raised his favorite pigs retired from hog farming and generously gave him their 6 sows and Berkshire boar as a gift to help get the farm's breeding stock established. Today the farm raises Berkshire, Duroc, and Tamworth crossed pigs and is starting to build a small herd of Tennessee Fainting goats. 

All hogs eat natural forages with supplemented grain, are antibiotic free, and the farm is Animal Welfare Approved.